Eight Millimeter – Adult Male – Dramatic

“Mrs. Christian… please, will you sit down a moment?” from the film  ” Eight Millimeter” A private investigator is hired to discover if a “snuff film” is authentic or not. Ideal for Adult Males ranging from 30s-50s. 1 Min.

Written By: Andrew Kevin Walker


Mrs. Christian… please, will you sit down a moment? (leads her to a chair) I want you to listen carefully. What you’re talking about is a “snuff film.”  But, from what I know, snuff films are a kind of… urban myth. Like, red light district folklore. There’s no such thing, I can assure you. Please, believe me.  This is probably a stag film. Simulated rape.  Hard to stomach, and it might seem real, but there are ways of making it look realistic… fake blood and special effects… If you were to study it you’d see the camera cutting away… you’d see the tricks they can play… It’s probably something your husband was given as a bad joke.  More than likely he never even watched it.  But, I’m certain it’s nothing to worry about.


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