Poor Harold! – Adult Male – Comedy

“Incriminating? How can you ask that, Isabel?” from the play, ” Poor Harold!” Harold has disgraced his family by being named in a divorce case. He laments the letters that were printed. Ideal for Adult Males ranging from 30-49. 1-2 Mins.

Written By: Floyd Dell


Incriminating? How can you ask that, Isabel? They were perfectly innocent letters, such as any gentleman poet might write to any lady poetess. How was I to know that a rather plain-featured woman I sat next to at a Poetry Dinner in Chicago was conducting a dozen love-affairs? How was I to know that my expressions of literary regard would look like love-letters to her long-suffering husband? That’s the irony of it: I’m perfectly blameless. God knows I couldn’t have been anything else, with her. But I’ve always been blameless—in all the seven years of my marriage, I never even kissed another woman. And then to have this happen! Scandal, disgrace, the talk of all Evanston! Disowned by my father, repudiated by my wife, ostracized by my friends, cast forth into outer darkness, and dropped naked and penniless into Greenwich Village!

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