Kodachrome – Adult Female – Drama 2

“It was never supposed to happen.” From the play “Kodachrome.” The Photographer tells of her death. Ideal for Adult Females, 30-50 – 1-2 Minutes.

By: Adam Szymkowicz

It was never supposed to happen. Or it was never supposed to last long. When I asked him out, he said yes to make her mad. Probably. I
wasn’t supposed to get pregnant. Definitely.
We got married right away. Quickly, quietly. Days turned to weeks. Weeks turned to love.
He turned down his scholarship. He took over the family business. The future Librarian went to college. And then my baby came and she was
stillborn. We mourned. Instead of driving us apart, we grew closer together. After two more miscarriages, we stopped trying. The future
Librarian came back from college and got a job at the library. And then life and life and life. Until four years ago when I came down
with bone cancer and then two years ago when I stopped being alive.


Link to full play here: https://www.samuelfrench.com/p/65396/kodachrome

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