AMERICAN HORROR STORY – Teen Female – Dramatic

AMERICAN HORROR STORY – Violet talks to Ben about school and about Vivien. Dramatic Monologue For Teen Female Actor. 1 Min.

VIOLET: I don’t like school. It’s boring and they bully me. That is so you. Some kids say they’re bullied and their parents just pull them right out.

You ask me to define bullying. How is it that a big fancy shrink hasn’t noticed that his wife has totally lost her shit? Well, when she’s not in bed, or worrying about absolutely everything, she’s eating raw brains. Maybe she’s worried the twins are stealing hers, ’cause that’s kind of how it seems.

This isn’t about me. I’m saying Mom’s crazy and it’s your fault. You drove her crazy. You’re a cheater. Young girls, old ladies with feather dusters? You’re so weird and pathetic I’m surprised you haven’t gone after me. I don’t have any more to say anyway. Session’s over.

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