Kids / Teens – Girls Monologues

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L’Oreal commercial. Ideal for teen to adult females. Under 1 Min.   Skinny is out. That’s why I use Voluminous Mascara by L’Oreal. For luxurious lashes that are three times fuller. Thin is not in. Fat is where it’s at. Voluminous lashes? Why, yes by L’Oreal. Because…I’m worth it!  

TJ Maxx commercial. Ideal for Teen to adult females. Under 1 Min.  I had to go to TJ Maxx. My boyfriend and I just broke up and I needed a little pick me up. So…I found this outfit. Perfect fit, perfect color…he HATES orange. Besides, it was a great deal…over half off. And if I […]

GHOST – A nervous woman tries to explain an encounter. 3-4 min. INT: ATTIC ROOM. NIGHT. KARA I don’t believe in ghosts, but last night one visited me, hovering just about my bed. It was a sparrow. The ghost, I mean. I thought it was a picture on the wall at first, since all of Mum’s […]

BREAK UP – A young woman attempts a conversation with her ex-boyfriend’s mother over the phone in this dramatic monologue. Good for younger women. 2-3 Min. INT: A BEDROOM ADRIENNE is pacing around her bedroom, talking on her cell phone to MARTHA, her ex-boyfriend’s mother. Throughout the conversation she tends to speak more than she listens, and […]

DATE EXT: OUTSIDE OF DEREK’S HOUSE. Beth, a girl of about thirteen, is standing on the steps, trying to summon the courage to ring the doorbell. BETH (To herself) You can do this. He likes you. He told you so. Use your words, Beth. (She takes a deep breath and rings the doorbell. After a […]