LEGALLY BLONDE JR – Kid/Teen Female – Comedic

LEGALLY BLONDE JR – Paulette does Elle’s hair. Comedic Monologue for Kid/Teen Female. 1 Min.

PAULETTE: Hey there! Welcome to the Hair Affair. You’re with Paulette so you’re in good hands. I’m sorta like Allstate, but for hair. (Elle says she wants to dye her blonde hair brunette) What? Brunette? Honey, (gestures to her hair) you’re a genetic lotto win! Alright, something else is goin’ on here. Back up. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Do you know the number one reason behind all bad hair decisions? Love. I can help you, I’ve been there before. When I need to relax I just put on this CD I bought from the store. (Puts on CD) There, isn’t that relaxing? It’s called Celtic Moods.

Now let me tell you my story. I dreamed of marrying an Irishman. In a bar once I met this guy, Dewey. He told me he was from Ireland. He bought me 14 beers and so I lived with him for 10 years. I wanted to get married but he kept postponing. Still, I followed him around in a fog until he left. He took my savings and he took my dog Rufus. Now all that’s left is this weird Enya song we’re listening to.

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