LEGALLY BLONDE JR – Kid/Teen Male – Comedic

LEGALLY BLONDE JR – Emmett briefs Ms. Wyndham. Comedic Monologue for Kid/Teen Male. 1 Min.

EMMETT: Hi, Ms. Wyndham. I’m Emmett Forest. I’m co-counsel with Stidwell, Zyskowski, Fox and Callahan. These four interns are the cream of the crop at Harvard Law and we’re here to “whip up” your legal defense. Incidentally, my mom’s a big fan of your DVD’s. Credits you with her nutcracker butt. Her words. Anywho, we’d love to discuss your case and go over a few choices. We want to free you as soon as possible, so you can bring your message back to your fans. Callahan briefed me on your meeting and there is a significant amount of evidence against you. To free you, the jury will need to hear an alibi. If we can’t hear an alibi, you should accept a plea bargain. You’d get out in a couple of years. That sounds reasonable, right?

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