The Book Store – Adult Female – Drama

“I feel sad” from the play “The Book Store”. Rachel explains what’s been going on in her head and in her life. Ideal for adult females, 20-40 – 1 Minute.

By: Adam Szymkowicz

I feel Sad. Like. Sad like I’ve been underground for a long time. And it’s dark and I can barely breathe. And I remember when it wasn’t like that. There was hope once. I can almost see it way up above the

But I can’t move and no one’s digging me out. It’s not depression exactly because it seems tied to circumstance. Or maybe my expectations are just out of whack. People enjoy things, right? And not just in the next life and not just in retirement, but in their daily lives, right?

There are happy times just normally, right? People like to wake up, enjoy I don’t know, brushing their teeth or listening to music. I can’t even listen to music right now.


Link to full play here:

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