BYE BYE BIRDIE – Teen Male – Dramatic

BYE BYE BIRDIE – Mr. MacAfee’s democracy is over. Dramatic Monologue for Teen Male. 1 Min.

MR. MACAFEE: I have tried to run this house on a democratic basis. I have extended the privilege of self-determination to both the woman I married, and the children I have sired… the vote has been denied no one for reason of age, sex, or political affiliations. There has been no taxation without representation, and open covenants have been openly arrived at! Last night I gave up my room to a guest who repeatedly referred to me as ‘Fats,’…. Telephone calls were made on my phone to New York, Chicago, Fairbanks Alaska and Hong Kong! Outside my window three harpies shrieked We Love You Conrad four thousand seven hundred and twenty three times… and now, I’ve lost two fried eggs… Gentleman, the democracy is over!

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