THOROUGHLY MODERN MILLIE JR – Jimmy discounts Millie’s dreams. Dramatic Monologue for Teen Male. 1 Min. 

Jimmy: Girls like you arrive here everyday, so full of dreams you may as well be sleepwalking. Well, now that you’re awake, why not ask yourself, “Do I belong here?” ‘Cause New York is great, but the cost of living is high, and I’m not talkin’ cash. And I can’t help thinking if I were in your shoe* I’d make beeline back to where did you say you’re from? Kansas? You don’t have a place to stay, no friends or family nearby, and you don’t have a job. You ain’t got nothin’! (starts to walk away). Kansas, was it? You’ll soon say to yourself, “Well I had my big adventure, but is sure is good to be back in my own bed.”

*not a typo – at this point Millie has lost one of her shoes

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