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Jaderlund Casting - NY
Casts For: Film / Commercials / Music Videos / Print / Voice-overs

Jaderlund Casting provides the entertainment industry with a wide range of talent, we offer a full range of services for every type of production on the East Coast, with locations in Richmond VA, Times Square – New York, Atlanta (Buckhead​) Georgia  and Washington D.C. Some of Jaderlund’s Credits include ​Field of Lost Shoes, To Have and To HoldThe Box (Warner Bros). Jaderlund’s 'Period & Living History Casting' include such projects as HBO’s John Adams, Additionally, Jäderlund provided casting services for Captain Phillips (starring Tom Hanks) which was directed by the acclaimed director Paul Greengrass– Director of The Bourne Ultimatum, United 93, and The Bourne Supremacy.