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Acting Auditions
arrow guide  Pregnancy Project - Reality TV
arrow guide  Bariatric Surgery - Commercial
arrow guide  The Affair - Short Film
arrow guide  Analogue Dream - NYFA Student Film
arrow guide  Blue Bloods - CBS Series - Shoots April 1
arrow guide  Untitled Josh Marston Film - Feature Film - Shoots April 6
arrow guide  Untitled Josh Marston Film - Feature Film - Shoots April 2
arrow guide  Hamilton - Musical Theatre - EPA
arrow guide  Twist & Shout - Musical Theatre
arrow guide  The Fall of the Kings - Theater
Model Castings
arrow guide  Styling & Magazine Editorial Class - Print Project
arrow guide  Dancers - Photographer's Project
arrow guide  Electronics Company - Print & Website
arrow guide  Costume Company - Print & Website
arrow guide  Speaker Company - Print Project
arrow guide  Baby Furniture - Print & Website
arrow guide  Retail Apparel Company - Online Catalog
arrow guide  Men's Clothing Brand - Print
arrow guide  New Clothing Company - Print & Website
arrow guide  Car Show - Live Event
Agency Open Calls
arrow guide  R&B/Pop/Soul Artists - Representation
arrow guide  Plus Size 18W Females - Representation
arrow guide  Lifestyle Models - Representation
arrow guide  Upscale Male Models - Representation
arrow guide  Asian Models - Representation
arrow guide  Showroom & Print Models - Representation
arrow guide  Legit Talent Representation - April 22nd Live Actor Showcase
arrow guide  Men's Grooming & Women's Beauty Industry Models - Representation
arrow guide  Fashion Models - Representation
arrow guide  Medium Size Males - Representation
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