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Kathryn Shasha is an actor, director and producer. She has played both comedic and dramatic roles. In 2016, Kathryn, along with her peers, won the LA Webfest "Outstanding Ensemble Cast" award for her work as Agent Cable in the dramatic series "Family Problems", she also was voted best actress of the week in several indie polls. Kathryn plays lead role, Shelby, in the TV miniseries "Girl in the Attic" set to be released in 2017. Comically, she has played an eccentric acting coach in the film "East Side Zombies", a "Southie" bartender in the comedy web series "Pizzer Makers" and a loud mouth Italian in the improvisational comedy show "The Ginsburg and Baccigalope Wedding". She has been in over 100 commercials and was a spokesperson for the American Lung Associations' Fight for Air Climb.. She appears in many Public Service Announcements as well, most recently for The Harold Grinspoon foundation, an advocate for childhood reading. Kathryn has starred in many Southeastern CT shorts; "Mrs. Greer", "Tricks of the trade", "Reservations for Dinner", "The Ouija Knows" and the award winning underground short, "Losing Face". Also had roles in feature films "Employees Only" and "SexDrive". Kathryn Credits hard work and training for her career successes to this date. She has studied with the likes of A-Lister coach Peter Kelley, Unified Acting System A-list instructor Tim Hillman and Master teacher Reno Venturi of the Actor's Gym. Most recently she has become a member of AGR New York. Besides acting in film and TV for well over a decade; Kathryn is in development with her directorial debut, "Inner U Destroyed". She is also a busy mom, Paleo nutrition practitioner, Yoga lover and kick boxer. She resides just outside Manhattan with her loving family; daughter Mattia Lynn and supportive husband Michael.

As many other actors, I wasn’t always getting paid to act.  One of my numerous jobs was that of a door to door sales person. It was at PI Advertising ...