In this episode of Surviving Show Business we talk to Ken Lazer, of Ken Lazer Casting – covering things like how actors can stand out, how to have a killer audition, SAG-AFTRA, Non-Union or SAG-AFTRA Fi-Core, how the casting process works and all about Ken’s new video course for actors, “CASTING’S BEST KEPT SECRETS REVEALED” an ONLINE MASTERCLASS W/ CASTING DIRECTOR, KEN LAZER.

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In this episode of Surviving Show Business, Aaron Seals talks to Anthony Turk from TURK PR – A Celebrity Public Relations Company in Los Angeles. They talk about when actors and other talent should get a PR Agent and how to use them to further their careers.

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On this episode of Surviving Show Business Aaron talks with the soon-to-be Husband and Wife team of ‘BriGuel’ on how they are making their own TV show. They turned their experience in Music, Acting, Comedy and production skill into their own special brand of entertainment. In the interview they tell us how and why they are making their own show and their methods of marketing it.

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Watch their new Music Video ‘Love’


On this episode of Surviving Show Business with Aaron Seals we talk to Jeff Fisher. Jeff is best known as showrunner/director with experience on shows like “Keeping Up With The Kardashains,” “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” “The Simple Life” and “The Real World/Road Rules Challenge.” He’s written, directed and produced two independent films, both of which received distribution and directed television movies for Lifetime and Hallmark Channel.

OK Magazine called him ‘Hollywood’s Next Big Thing!’

This episode of Surviving Show Business is about Good Mental Health in Acting. Facing rejection, uncertainty, setting goals and helpful tips for high stress situations like auditions & agent meetings. The show also covers kids, Parents and families in show business.

This episode is all about Musical Theatre! Broadway actor, JR Bruno talk about his time on Book of Mormon, both the Broadway version and the touring companies. We also cover getting started in theatre, training, getting agents, touring theatre and auditioning.

On this episode of Surviving Show Business, Emmy nominated actress Naomi Grossman, best known as ‘Pepper’ on American Horror Story, talks about being on a hit TV series, producing her own one-woman shows, starting out in acting and her new web series – Ctrl-Alt-Delete.


In this episode of Surviving Show Business Aaron Seals interviews 2 time Emmy nominated voice actor, Bob Bergen. The interviews covers how Bob wanted to become the voice of Porky Pig as a kid and then did exactly that. This interview also covers the complete voice-over industry – characters, animation, commercials and video games. You’ve heard Bobs voice in animation hits such as: Despicable Me 3, The Secret Life of Pets, Minions, Toy Story 2, Up, WALL-E, Cars and hundreds more!

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In this episode of Surviving Show Business Aaron Seals interviews NY Playwright & Theatre Producer, Elise Milner.

The interview covers writing plays, casting actors, marketing the show, making money and producing theatre as a career.

Elise has produced over 250 performances and also teaches a class on producing theatre starting July 29th.


A second compilation of some of the best acting scenes and/or performances of all time compiled by: sitiosanguinem.

List of actors/actresses:

Michael Fassbender – Hunger
Eric Bana – Chopper
Tommy Lee Jones – JFK
Rutger Hauer -Blade Runner
Dustin Hoffman – Midnight Cowboy
J.K. Simmons – Whiplash
Leonardo DiCaprio – The Wolf of Wall Street
Jake Gyllenhaal – Nightcrawler
Lesley Manville – Another Year
Toni Servillo – La Grande Bellezza
Jane Fonda – Klute
Takashi Shimura – Ikiru
Kevin Kline – A Fish Called Wanda
Malcolm McDowell – A Clockwork Orange
Michelle Williams – Blue Valentine
Michael K. Williams & Viggo Mortensen – The Road
Peter Sellers – Dr. Strangelove
Marlon Brando – The Godfather
Vincent Gallo – Buffalo ’66
Jim Carrey & Kate Winslet – Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Ian McKellen – Gods and Monsters
Harvey Keitel – Bad Lieutenant
Michael Shannon – Revolutionary Road
Ulrich Mühe – The Lives of Others
Naomi Watts – Mulholland Drive
David Thewlis – Naked
Vincent Cassel – La Haine
Edward Norton – Birdman
Sean Penn – Carlito’s Way
Heath Ledger – Brokeback Mountain
Michael Caine – The Quiet American
Marlon Brando – On the Waterfront
Jon Voight – Coming Home
Tom Hanks – Captain Phillips

Music: Moby – A Season in Hell
Mark Kozelek / Jimmy Lavalle – Ceiling Gazing
Moby – My Weakness