Email from NYCastings

Getting Emails from DirectSubmit

If you have questions about getting emails from DirectSubmit / NYCastings. Here are all the details.

You can get emails from us in a couple of ways:

1. You can join our general email list. You can join our list(s) to get all jobs or pick an individual area. It’s free to join this list to stay in the loop of what’s casting. We send what we call ‘The Daily Sheet‘ at 6PM PT every week day. We will also send out Rush Calls and other info to these lists. These email are not tailored to talent specifically, so just know it’s everything that’s come in. There is an unsubscribe link at the bottom of any email we send as well.

2. If you have created a resume on this site, you can also sign up for ROLE ALERTS. This will send you more specific emails tailored to your location, age range, ethnicity, union status and other specifics that you choose. If you have not set these up yet, log in and you can click to this page to set them up or edit.

3. Emails from Clients through your Resume or from a Submission that you made. Just respond back as needed! All of these emails can be found on your talent dashboard.



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