Hearts Like Fists – Adult Female – Drama 2

“What do people do after they get rejected?” From the play, “Hearts Like Fists.” In this monologue, Lisa contemplates how it feels after being rejected. Ideal for Adult Females, 20-50. 1 Min.

By: Adam Szymkowicz


What do people do after they get rejected? Do they curl into a ball and die? Do they tear out their hair? Drink themselves into oblivion?
I want to do all of these things at once.

There must be something outstanding about him if he’s too good for me. Now I will never want anyone besides him. All other men are fools and idiots who could never measure up. No, there is nothing to do now except commit to a life of celibacy. A life with meaning. (She takes
out her cell phone and dials the number on the card the Crimefighters gave her.) Hello, Crimefighters?


Link to full play here: https://www.dramatists.com/cgi-bin/db/single.asp?key=4688

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