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Post A Casting Notice

How Posting a Casting Notice works

There are 3 ways to send Casting Notice to us:

1. Email Casting Notice to:

2. Fill out our Casting Form
3. Call Us: (212) 812-1441

We’ll review it, and if all looks good, we will post it to the site. If we have questions about anything that’s unclear we will call you and go over the details. We want it to be perfect for the talent so everything goes just right for you..

We post all types of calls – DirectSubmit (Photo Submissions and Self-Taped Reads), Open CallsRequests for New FacesExperts & Real People Searches.

As a Client, you have a, Account & Dashboard created for you that will show you all your Projects and Submissions made, plus a Search function that allows you to search our database for the talent you’re looking for.

Additionally we can post to our Email Lists & Social Media Networks – Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn.

If you need something special, call us to discuss. We can help arrange everything you need to run a successful casting session. For quality projects we have (In Training) Casting Assistants to help with things like: Getting Scripts to Talent to coordinate Self-Taped Auditions & Scheduling – Details Here.

When Project is Posted, You Get an Email

You have new talent submissions made to your Casting Notice.

View them with this link: (you should be automatically Logged in) &mpasswrd=shadow&cdid=1987565

This list of talent submissions will always be available. You can also log into your account with you Login.

Password: shadow

You Can Also
Search ALL Talent Resumes | Request Self-Tapes | Send Scripts/Sides | Share Files – Photos, Contracts & Call Sheets | Create Your Own Personal Database | Get Free Casting Assistant to help you use our Services to their Fullest

If you have any trouble, or need our help if finding what you need, call or email.

Thanks, / / 212.812.1441

You are receiving this email because

1.) You have requested to see talent applying for your job notice with us.
2.) You are a DirectSubmit / NYCastings client.

This is a strict opt-in notification service that can only be activated by creating a job notice by you. If you wish not to receive this notice, let us know.


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