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This is How You Get an Audition…

Here is a fast breakdown of how an Audition occurs when talent Direct Submits to a Casting Notice…

NYCastings Casting Notices w HEADSHOTA. Our Talent, (Amber Waves) DirectSubmits to a NYCastings Casting Notice.
B. The Casting Director sees the Talent’s complete Multi-Media Profile (Photos, Video, Audio & Credits) in their list of Submissions for each Role being Cast.
C. The Casting Director may start Considering the Talent by looking at all of the Photos. Next they may look at all the Talents Reels. They may then look over the Credits, Bio, Skills & Training.
D. The Casting Director may read the Cover Note that you wrote.
E. They May look over your Self-Taped Audition that you included in the Submission. If this has been requested, you must make the video and add it to your Submission. 

If the Talent looks like they are a good choice for a Live or Skype Audition, the Casting Director will likely Add the Talent to the A, B, C or D list to contact & Schedule for the Auditions

Direct Submitting on NYCastings
The Casting Director may also add this Talent to their Favorites List for consideration on all projects they work on. This is the Casting Directors Permanent Personal Database of their Go-to Talent. 
The buttons under the Headshot tell the Casting Director many things about the Talents Submission and Experience so they can scan though hundreds of Submissions fast to get to the ideal people for the Role. Babies to Seniors. 
Note: When the talent has their Reel(s) uploaded the Icons Show (as you see in the photo to the right). Same with the Cover Notes and Self-Taped Video or Audio Submissions. The Casting Director uses these buttons for fast action when viewing your submission content. 
If you do not have a Profile on file with us, Add Yourself Now

Uploading Photos and Reels is always free and easily uploaded from your phone.
Submitting to most Castings Notices is Free, but some require that you be an Active Subscriber. It’s Cheap, and it’s proven Profitable for Working Talent for 20 years! It also helps us keep getting you Work & Agents!
Please take great care in your pages information and media. Quality Counts when trying to get Auditions. When you are added to the NYCastings database, our Casting Directors, Filmmakers & Agencies have access to your Profile and can Contact you freely for Auditions.

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