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Actors, Don’t let anyone fool you: the actor’s life is a gloriously enjoyable one. We get to collaborate with creative, energetic, passionate people of all stripes every day. (Did I ...
Acting Is Listening

One of the fundamental lessons for newbie actors to learn is of course the importance of listening. Focusing fully on the other person or people in a scene with you ...
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Acting Drought be like Matt and Ben

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Barry is a 35 year veteran of commercial casting, and owner of the legendary Herman & Lipson Casting. He’s cast THOUSANDS of commercials from top brands worldwide such as: OLIVE GARDEN, GOOGLE, TACO BELL, COKE, PEPSI, SPRITE, McDONALD’S, BURGER KING, HOT ...
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Looking for Top Representation from a Personal Manager? Then get ready for an action packed night to showcase your talent, because these 5 well managers are looking for new talent. … We start off the evening with an introduction by our ...
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NYCastings /DirectSubmit lets Actors, Models, Singers & Dancers (Kids to Seniors) DirectSubmit themselves to Film, TV, Theatre, Commercial and Print Casting Notices. We also list talent Agencies, Modeling Agencies, Talent Managers & Casting Directors in our Agents Directory.

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Casting Directors can find: Actors, Models, Dancers, Singers, Voiceover Artists, live acts, Circus, Brand Ambassadors, Improv Troupes and Real People.