1 Great Tip to become a Better Actor

1 GREAT TIP to Become a Better Actor

Here is 1 great Tip to becoming a Better and more Successful Actor. Many people think the only way to become a better Actor is to take classes constantly, which is a great way to learn from a seasoned professional, get your techniques down and become better at working within a group, but it costs a lot of money to stay in classes, so here is a great tip that can really help You help Yourself For FREE and on your own time. A remember that all the great artists of the world made themselves great by honing their craft on their own study.

Here is Exactly what you do:

1. Give yourself the TASK of picking 5 Totally Different Monologues that are a good fit for you. (Google – Free Monologues to find many options for your sex, type & age range).
2. In these Monologues, choose a different type of Characters to play (Just like a real audition would have you be).
3. Record Yourself doing these 5 Monologue on your Phone. (Dressing for the character will help greatly).
4. Record each character until you are completely satisfied with your performance.

At the end of this Task you will have 5 New Videos of yourself as Different Characters. Watch these videos, and you’ll see how a Casting Director, Director or Producers & Studio Heads see you – This is extremely valuable! You’ll probably like some things and not like other so much. This will tell you what edits you want to make the next time you record the piece. Pay attention to production value as well. Choose different locations and lighting options to see what translates well.

The benefits of this Task is as follows:

1. You’re Practicing getting New Copy and Performing as a Character. This is what Professional Acting is all about! You can’t get enough of this kind of free practice.
2. The more you do this, the more comfortable your are going to become when the Camera is on in an Audition Room. Confidence in the Audition room leads to more Bookings.
3. You’ll actually have footage to use for your reel and other marketing ideas.
4. This practice will also inevitably make you better at Self-Taping your auditions, which is becoming more popular by the day.
5. Your creativity is Acting is going to skyrocket!

If you Master your 5 Characters, pick another round of 5 and so on… You could amass a collection of hundreds of characters over time and the Joy of Acting will be yours forever!

If you have great Free Tips on how people can become better Actors, share your thoughts below :)

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