How to Rock it Like an A-lister

Beyond the Main Street of Sundance booms countless lounges with food, drink and swag for celebrities. Every day festival attendees loom outside hoping to snap a pic as they gawk at the likes of Liv Tyler, Kate Bosworth and William H. Macy. Industry players sometimes luck out and get their foot through a guarded entrance. Yet the finest parties and swag only go to those on the A-list. Until now…

NYCastings has broken down barriers!!!

While socializing at the PUMA lounge, taking in the Miami Oasis, checking out online music compliments of Vevo, snacking on Bertolli Soup and sipping on STELLA!!! & Snake Oil Cocktails, we managed to score a sneak peek at A-lister style secrets. AND, we also scored FREE SWAG – a pair of Solstice’s Carrera Sunglasses compliments of Solstice Sunglass Boutique – which YOU now have a chance to win!!! To find out how, watch the video below and then continue reading.

Here is how to rock it like an A-lister with insider tips from brands Rudsak, Commonwealth Proper, Flying Lizard and Fresh (with a shout out to seen but not heard – Sorel boots)…


NOW… for your chance to win FREE SWAG…

Go ahead and SHARE this article on Facebook bu 2/17/2012. Winner will be chosen at random. Good luck getting this A-list, $180 retail price, Carrera Sunglases!

Yay Sundance! Smiles, Kelly

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