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Just Ducky – Part 2 of 2

Commercial Agent Carole Ingber shares her upbeat view on the industry.

Feeling swell…

Our conversation with Commercial Agent Carole Ingber went so swimmingly that we just kept on chatting away with her.

Hence… we present Part 2 of our interview!

Please check out Part 1, if you haven’t already, because Carole Ingber shares many truths about the industry; including how things are NOT always what they seem and why actors should simply believe.

For Part 2 or our conversation, NYCastings waded deeper into Carole’s company and what it’s like to work with Ingber and Associates.

But first! NYCastings has breaking news to reveal… we learned that Carole Ingber has her own line of cookies!!!

These yummy treats, called Monchips, come in six different flavors with a top secret liquor ingredient in each of them.

NYCastings snacked on these delicious cookies as we kicked back and asked more personal questions…

Q: What is the difference between working with Ingber and Associates versus some of the more corporate agencies?

When I first started in the business I was at Michael Bloom. I am used to working big but I am a very hands-on person. I don’t like assistants because I want to talk to my clients. You can’t do that at a big office. I am like everyone’s Jewish mother. I can not work in a structured environment. I am very down-to-earth and relaxed. I’ll stay working as late as I need to stay and do whatever I need to do. It’s about getting work for my clients.

Q: You have a very unique set up here with the cookies, snacks and comfortable chairs. Why is that?

I think the most important thing about an agent’s office is to have a comfortable atmosphere. If you are not comfortable when you come in, you are not going to be yourself. You shouldn’t have airs in an office.

Q: Should an actor touch base with you after an audition or does that take up too much time?

Some of my clients do call me up after an audition. They can if they want to. I never say don’t call. I don’t have a problem with it.

Q: Do you get feedback from casting directors after auditions?

The only feedback I get is if someone is really bad and that has only happened once in my life. The person was really nervous and I said you have to see this person again’ and they did and that person ended up getting a call back. So, commercially you don’t get feedback.

My feedback is… if I keep submitting you and you keep getting a time from the same office then you are doing everything you are supposed to be doing. And it is not even about call backs. To me, if you keep getting a time at the same office, after you have been there once, that is feedback.

Q: What do you consider a success rate of auditions versus bookings?

I don’t even think about it. It’s not who I am.

When you are a small business, it’s just me and my clients. I don’t think oh this person has made so much money.’ I don’t really care how much money they make, I just try to help everyone make as much as they can.

I tell people to go out and have fun. If you book something now, great. If you book something later, great. I had a client who took six years to book her first commercial. If an agent believes in their clients, it should not be about how much money they make. It is about who they are.

Q: Will you freelance with someone who has other commercial agents freelancing with them as well?

Absolutely. There are people I have worked with for trillions of years who just want to be freelance. I am fine with that. Sometimes the older generations think they might be better off to keep freelancing. If someone wants to freelance, and I like working with them, I will continue working with them.

Q: How can an actor help YOU out with getting them auditions?

Good Question.

(Points to Justin Lang hanging out on a wicker chair in her office)

Do like Justin does. He likes to schmooze all the right people. It is teamwork. If my clients happen to be someplace and they meet directors or producers it helps if they say I work with Carole Ingber.’

Do what you are supposed to do as an actor. Study, do your improv classes and have a good time. And just keep in touch. That is very important.

Q: Do you have any words of advice for actors?

If you are not available, if you are going out of town, do not wait until the last moment to tell me. I keep a schedule and if you are not available, I write it down. I like to know where everyone is because if I push to submit you on something and then you say oh, I am not going to be here tomorrow’ then another actor has lost out on a time. Not only is it bad for me because I am losing a time, another actor is not getting a time because of you also. Be kind to your fellow actors.

Q: Why do you stay in this business?

I love it. I love my clients. I was never an actor. I am amazed by actors and I sit in an audience mesmerized by them. I love this business.

Speaking of loves, Carole Inbger’s 2nd love – her Monchips – will be available soon. Keep an eye out for them! Yum!


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