Casting Director Chat

Casting Director Chat Feature – Send Video, Photos, Scripts, Contracts & More

Our new Messaging system makes it easy for Casting Directors to send you files such as:

Reference Photos, Videos
– Call Sheets

If you see a new message in your dashboard saying: (3) Casting Messages make sure you respond quickly, and are able to send materials back as soon as asked. 

If a Casting Director asks you to make a:

– Self-Taped Audition – All you have to do it record it on your phone and attach to your chat with them. Easy! No converting to links or anything else. Works great on your phone.
– Photos – Just take a selfie snapshot, or upload a photo from your computer or phone and send it back in the chat.
– Contract – If a contract needs to be signed, just download to your phone or computer, get it signed, and send back. You can often now do the signing on your phones or through various signature programs. If scanning is needed, just convert to a PDF or photo, then send back through the chat.

Note on Speed: When you get these requests, make sure you can get back to the Casting Directors immediately to avoid them moving on to other possibilities.

You’ll get an email notification when a Casting Message is sent to you as well.  If so, Log In and continue the conversation with the casting director through the Messaging system.

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