NYCastings Success - Siobhan Smith

Siobhan Made 50K & Got a Top Manager with NYCastings

I’m so thankful for NYCastings!  One day, I saw a posting for an open call the following day with ABC’s $100,000 Pyramid.  So, I went.  Flash forward 2 months and I was on set with Michael Strahan, Pete Holmes, and Jeff Ross!  And the best part is that I actually won a trip and a grand prize (50K)!!

Then, I took an awesome commercial class with Barry Shapiro offered by NYCastings and Tina (strongly) encouraged me to participate in a Manager’s Showcase at the end.  I was reluctant, but she was very supportive throughout the whole process and I am now working with a great Manager!

I look forward to taking advantage of many more learning opportunities and bookings!

Thanks again NYCastings, Siobhan

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