AnnaMarie Brown / Booked Major Films, TV Shows & Commercials

Booked! AnnaMarie age 8 with Wilhelmina Kids NY featured as a model/actress is one to watch. NYCastings has given AnnaMarie a huge opportunity to Book in the Entertainment Industry. She has been involved in a few Independent Films/ Major Films , TV programs, Commercials, Music Videos, Runway and Print Modeling…the list goes on …At such a young age AnnaMarie has participated in various jobs, Oscar de la Renta, Calvin Klein, Avon, Toys r Us, Party City, Amscan, Family Fun Magazine, Scholastic Magazine, Parson School of Fashion, Target, Dillards,Madam Secretary, Mysteries of Laura, Law and Order, Team Umi Zoomie, AT&T, Converse,Best Buy, the list goes on and keeps growing..She has truly been blessed with wonderful , memorable , events ..Most importantly is how humble she is to her Everyone is Beautiful in Gods Eyes… .

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