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NYCastings Success - Siobhan Smith

I’m so thankful for NYCastings!  One day, I saw a posting for an open call the following day with ABC’s $100,000 Pyramid.  So, I went.  Flash forward 2 months and I was on set with Michael Strahan, Pete Holmes, and Jeff Ross!  And the best part is that I actually won a trip and a grand prize (50K)!!

Then, I took an awesome commercial class with Barry Shapiro offered by NYCastings and Tina (strongly) encouraged me to participate in a Manager’s Showcase at the end.  I was reluctant, but she was very supportive throughout the whole process and I am now working with a great Manager!

I look forward to taking advantage of many more learning opportunities and bookings!

Thanks again NYCastings, Siobhan

The Studio at NYCastings Testimonials

I’ve attended two showcase’s with NYCastings and was contacted by managers after both. Im now freelancing with Shannon Pierce of 4th Degree Management and Ben Padua at Avenue B Talent. The Studio at NYCastings’ showcases, in particular, are tremendous opportunities  for actors to get generous feedback from professionals who give their honest opinions as well as getting representation especially if your new to the industry. I highly recommend.

– Duke W.

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The results are in and the NYCastings Top Booker of 2015 is Actress/Model, Holly Glasser!

Holly-resume-Cut-400Holly’s Bookings came in at $36,227!

Her Books were made in Films, TV Shows, Commercials, Print jobs & Live events.

Watch the video Interview and see what her Tips for Success are!

Holly Glasser is a full-time bicoastal actress, model and musician based out of NYC and LA. She is also the editor-in-chief of the fashion and entertainment magazine, MITH Magazine. Originally from the Carolinas, Holly has a city slicker edge with a dose of southern charm, and is a real mover and shaker!

Before pursuing a career in the arts, Holly was a K-12 Spanish teacher and Spanish medical interpreter in her hometown. In her leisure time, she took modeling and acting classes, learned how to oil paint, and pursued music.

Holly is world-traveled and has lived abroad in Argentina and France. She has also traveled to London, Milan and Paris for fashion week with her fashion magazine. She speaks fluent Spanish as well as some French, German and Italian. She is also a talented singer and has performed as a first soprano for the Manhattan Opera Repertory and has also performed many rock/indie/folk hits on the piano, guitar and ukulele. She will be releasing her first pop single in summer ’16.

Some of Holly’s career highlights in acting include being the lead in multiple music videos, short films and commercials, having speaking lines in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 with Megan Fox, and two other recent feature films. Holly’s modeling highlights include being featured in Vogue Italia and multiple other publications, walking the runway for Redken, and shoe modeling for brands such as Steve Madden and Seychelles Shoes. In addition, Holly has done commercial work for brands such as Nike, Acura and Glaceau.

Holly is honored to be represented by a theatrical agent in NYC and a commercial agent in LA, as well as being represented in Miami. She also freelances with multiple commercial print agencies bi-coastally.

For film and tv, Holly relates to America’s Sweetheart types like Rachel McAdams in The Notebook and to time period roles like Keira Knightley in Pride and Prejudice. She would love to play a character like Arwen from Lord of the Rings or Daenerys from Game of Thrones.

She has been compared to Rachel McAdams, Ashley Greene, Parker Posey and Coco Rocha. Friends and casting directors have coined Holly as an eccentric babe in the woods, pixie fairy, and warrior princess. She can play an outrageously funny character or a very heartfelt, courageous character. She credits NY Castings to many of her wonderful bookings throughout the last three years in NYC!

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Booked! AnnaMarie age 8 with Wilhelmina Kids NY featured as a model/actress is one to watch. NYCastings has given AnnaMarie a huge opportunity to Book in the Entertainment Industry. She has been involved in a few Independent Films/ Major Films , TV programs, Commercials, Music Videos, Runway and Print Modeling…the list goes on …At such a young age AnnaMarie has participated in various jobs, Oscar de la Renta, Calvin Klein, Avon, Toys r Us, Party City, Amscan, Family Fun Magazine, Scholastic Magazine, Parson School of Fashion, Target, Dillards,Madam Secretary, Mysteries of Laura, Law and Order, Team Umi Zoomie, AT&T, Converse,Best Buy, the list goes on and keeps growing..She has truly been blessed with wonderful , memorable , events ..Most importantly is how humble she is to her Everyone is Beautiful in Gods Eyes… .

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zoe weber

I’ve gone on countless auditions through NYCastings and just booked the lead in the upcoming Indie Feature Film “The Unwanted”.

I look forward to shooting this film & booking more work! Thanks NY Castings!

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Thank you NYCastings! We LOVE your site!

Leila Jean Davis booked the Lead and just completed the shoot for the ‘Itsy Bitsy Spider’. We had the pleasure of working with the awesome team at Mayfair Pictures. Another Great experience.

We are now preparing to attend an Actors Event, and are printing a stack of Resumes from her profile here at – they are the most professional looking resumes of any site in the business.

Your site makes it so easy to be successful in this business! Marti & Leila Jean Davis

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Brennan Nicholas

Brennan Nicholas has been acting for over 7 years. He recently landed a role with History Makers Productions for their Emmy Award Winning series Philadelphia: The Great Experiment. He’s done a PSA for Red Nose Day and was the Kiddie LL Cool J for a model shoot.

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james rose

Thank you NYCastings for being such a great source of auditions in NYC. I wanted to share some recent booking successes with you!

In the past few months I have booked a network promo video for Music Choice TV, booked a recurring role as the lead’s father in the webseries Victims of Love (formerly Adolescents in NY), booked work on MTV Comedy Storytellers, and best of all; two roles in upcoming independent feature films, a U5 in the feature 5 Seasons, and a supporting role as a Detective in the upcoming feature Jamaican Mafia!

Thank you so much for all that you do!

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Hi guys and girls, I came in for an audition for DreamCasters through NYCastings for “Brutal Bolors” directed by Mike Conroy. It was an indie feature film and got cast in the awesome supporting role of Videl. It turned out to be a paid, 9 day, on location shoot in NH.

It was wonderful and I’m very grateful for the opportunity. thank you. pooya

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NYCastings has allowed me to enhance my resume with bookings in which I appeared in music videos for K Michelle Star, and Hot Sugar. I also was booked for commercials for PRZMAN and ToyMail, and did Lifestyle print work for celebrity photographer Rebekah Mae. This was made possible by utilizing NYCastings.

Thank you NYCastings!

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James hughs

Hello my name is James and this will be a quick story. I have only been with NYCastings for two months now, and it did not take long for the jobs to start coming in. So far I have done two commercials a web series, one independent film and two TV shows. Thank you NYCastings because in a short amount of time, I have been able to build my resume.

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I submitted myself through for a voice-over on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart, and booked the job, where I played former President Gorbachaev. Because Jon Stewart liked my voice-over in English with a Russian accent, the producer of the show invited me to record another voice-over next day, where I played a Russian tourist for the Olympic games in Sochi. That job helped me join SAG-AFTRA.

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Antonio Luchesi

After being with another casting service I decided to try NYCastings. Within the first week I had 5 auditions, 2 shorts and a future theatre job. Anytime I have had any problems uploading a photograph NYCastings would make sure the new pictures were resized very fast.

This is by far the best casting service I have ever used in my career. The site is easy to navigate. I really like the comment section as it will allow you to basically sell yourself with the number of characters you can use. Some other sites limit theirs to a very small number. Thank You NYCastings!! Antonio Luchesi

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Kevin Ploth

Thanks to NYCastings, booked two national commercials – AMF Bowlmore Lanes and Downey. Along with lead rolls in two Indi Feature Films. Gluteny & Words to Live BY.  NYCastings has helped me cast four short plays I have directed and three up coming feature films that I have written and will direct. Thanks guys and for all that you do.

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Thanks to NYCastings, 2014 has been my most successful year yet!

In addition to booking incredible, diverse material for my demo reel with short films & student films,I have gotten exposure–and a nice chunk of change–from print projects, NYCastings has opened doors to meet with several agents that I am now freelancing with — even from projects I didn’t booked, my submissions lead to agents asking me to meet with them.

And, of course, the free NYCastings showcases have been both great networking AND great learning experiences. I can’t wait for the next ones!

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Connor Keegan Dosch

Hi, I just wanted to thank NYCastings for all the work and experience I have gotten through their site. I am 15 years old and having a blast with all the acting jobs that I have landed from you’re listings! Acting and being on film is my passion. Most recently, I was cast in two feature length films. I just wrapped in a coming of age story set in Queens, NY where I play the main character growing up in the 90’s. I just wrapped up a film trailer and have been cast in a lead role in an upcoming feature vampire film which is currently in pre-production. I also auditioned for another independent film and landed the role of Teen Christian boy (supporting) in another short film. I also played a supporting role in another feature. I have been featured in a music video, Lonely Neighbor for the group, Oh, Honey. 8/14), and prior to this, had several featured background roles in both film, (The Great Gilly Hopkins) and several episodic tv shows. (Blue Bloods, Manhattan Love Story, Power, Investigation Discovery and most recently, The Americans.)

To think that I only signed up 1 year ago and have had all this experience is awesome! Thank you, NYCastings! I hope to continue to land featured and lead roles to build my resume as well as some modeling work.

Keep smiling and submitting for roles! NYCastings DOES WORK!

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Despite being relatively new to NYCastings, I received an audition for a supporting role for an upcoming feature film. After the audition, I received a callback from the Castings Team and was asked to audition for the film’s leading actress! Almost immediately after callbacks, I was informed that I had booked the lead role and that the same character would also appear in another feature film! Talk about killing two birds with one stone!! This is such an awesome way to start the New Year! NY Castings, a HUGE thank you goes out to you for this unbelievable opportunity and for making my dreams become a reality!

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Since signing up with NYCastings last month my acting career has skyrocketed! I have a minimum of 4 auditions a week and i’ve been booking projects left and right. Recently I worked on a feature film where I not only had a speaking role but I was able to do an interview segment with all the actors to be featured online. Already this week I have 6 auditions lined up thanks to NYCastings. Between that and the casting directors i’ve met for free, i’ve been more successful in the last 2 months than I have in the last year.

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Janel Koloski

Hey! Im Janel Koloski and 2015 has already been a great year for me so far due to NYCastings. I have booked 6 jobs so far and am shooting a print ad Thursday from an NYCastings booking. I tell all of my acting friends to create a profile because it has brought me success and the ability to choose which photo out of 19 to send in with my submission is very helpful!

Thanks NYCastings, Love Janel

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