The Parking Lot – Adult Female – Drama

“Can we stop the play for a second?” From the play, ‘The Parking Lot’. J stops the play and addresses the audience telling them they are worthy of love. Ideal for adult females, 30-50 – 1 Minute.

By: Adam Szymkowicz


Can we stop the play for a second? (to the audience.) I just want to say to you. You are worthy of love. Maybe you already know this. Or suspect it. Or maybe you don’t really believe me. But I want to be sure you hear me. You are worthy of love.

Also you don’t have to be afraid, which doesn’t mean the world isn’t sometimes scary but that you deserve to be somewhere safe.

Also once in a while you deserve a treat. You deserve a parade when you do something amazing. You may not get one, but you deserve it.

Me, I only see the horrible things I’ve done or said or thought. Mostly I think I don’t deserve any success or love but also at the same time I think I’m the most amazing person that has ever existed. So sometimes it’s hard to be me.


Link to full play here:

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