“Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri” – Young Adult Male – Dramatic

“I’m a dwarf who sells used cars” From the Film “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri.” James is frustrated on a date with Mildred. Dramatic Monologue For Young Adult Male. 1 Min.

JAMES: “Why would I want to do it another night? You’ve been…embarrassed to be here ever since we arrived. I didn’t force you to come to this date. I asked you on a date. (laughs) Wow! (Clears throat)You know… I know I’m not that much of a catch. I know I’m a dwarf who sells used cars and has a drinking problem. I know that. But who the hell are you, man? You’re that billboard lady who never smiles, never has a good word to say about anybody, and who, in the evening times (loudly) sets fucking fire to police stations! (normal voice) And I’m the one who’s not a catch? You know, I didn’t have to come and hold your ladder.”

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