NY Headshot Photographers

5 NY Headshot Photographers That I Like

5 NY Headshot Photographers That I Like

Here is a list of good NY Headshot Photographers to research when you’re ready to get your first or your next Actors Headshot. When looking for a photographer to take your ‘Actors Headshot’ it is very important that you find a specialist in Actors Headshots. They know what is expected from the standpoint of what Casting Directors, Agents & Directors want to see. The temptation of just having a friend or a regular cheap portrait/commercial photographer will not serve you well in the Acting Community. There are standards of what a good headshot is, and professionals are expected to know what this is and deliver.  Remember, you get more auditions when someone is impressed with your headshot, so the money you spend on a good one will come back to you in terms of more & better auditions!

If you are new to acting, all you need to do it start looking at the portfolios of various headshot photographers to see what the common traits are. Here are 5 good places to start looking.

Peter Hurley

Peter has been around many years now, and has been a top name in NY Headshots since he started. Known for stunning white studio shots that showcase the actors vibe from great expressions. Peter is an expert at directing the actors for the ‘up close’ shots that give them character. peterhurley.com

David Noles

David, has a style that I’m really liking these days. The shots look like they are from a magazine. A very natural looking vide. Feels like the people are a little more ‘real’, less glam in general from what is shown in his portfolio. Interesting use of colored backgrounds to go with hair colors and outfits. You can tell much thought was put into the aesthetics of the shoot. I see these pictures around a lot, so I know he’s in demand. davidnoles.com

Jessica Osber

Very nice portfolio. Good use of colors and lighting to make the talent pop. Her background as an actor makes her a natural at directing the talent to get the right expressions that sell. osberphotos.com

Michael Levy 

The shots look like their from Vogue Magazine editorial shoot. Very modern. Has a great portfolio of all different types of people. Has a very nice book of commercial print type shots also. michaellevyphoto.com

Joran Matter

Jordan has been around many years, and is a top name in actors headshot photographers. Known for his natural looking ‘on-location’ shots. Has many celebrity clients. Recommended by many agents and casting directors. You can watch a video on his website to see the BTS of what a shoot looks like. jordanmatter.com

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