Any Given Sunday – Adult Males – Dramatic

“Really, its no problem getting tickets?” from the film “Any Given Sunday.” Tony meets with his son Tom for the first time in 5 years. Tony tries to convince Tom to let him see his grandchildren. Ideal for Adult Males in their late 20s, early 30s.

Written By: Daniel Pyne and John Logan


Tony, in his game suit, is having breakfast with his

son, a bland mid level executive in his late 20’s

with a jesus fish on his lapel

Tony: Really, its no problem getting tickets?

Tom: (Uneasy) Well, he’s really more into basketball now.

Tony: (defeated) Yeah? How old is Timmy now? nine, ten?

Tom: Eight. But we don’t really call him Timmy anymore.

Tony: Oh, okay… and Melinda? How’s she?

Tom: She’s fine.

Tony: You look good.

Tom: I’m trying.

Tony: You talk to your mom lately?

Tom: Dad… what do you want?

Tony: What do I want? I wanted to see you.

You’re my son for chrissake. What do you mean?

Tom: I havn’t talked to you for a year. A year ago christmas…

Tony: Christ, gimme a minute tom ok? I havn’t seen you in in what…

Tom: Six years.

Tony: You never picked up the phone either– so don’t…

Tom: Why would it?

Tony: All I ever did was…

Tom: (On edge) PLease DON”T! When you do that, you sound like

a broken record, dad. I get really upset.

Tony looks at him, wondering what he’s wrought.

Waitress: Coffee, danish? Why the long faces?

(no response) Enjoy your breakfast.

She leaves.

Tony: You know I’ll never forget a big mistake I made once as a coach.

I hurt someone and… I couldn’t change what I did, so I denied it. Threw

some money at it… then tried to forget it, block it out.

(beat) you know what? it never goes away.

Tom (now he’s upset): No it doesn’t, and its too late goddamn it, ok?! Its too—

excuse me for my foul thoughts, lord! They come not out of me—

but its too goddamn LATE for that!

My son and daughter are doing fine, and you had nothing to do

with that, and that’s all there is.

Tony: Tom, come on, I… I’m sorry, I…

Tom: Where were you on my Sundays? When I was playing ball? Just…

just don’t even try, ok!

Tony (now at the end of his rope): Can I just… see them? They’re

my grandkids, tom! Please?

Tom (a grim pause): with a child psychiatrist.


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