Audition Moods - I Hate Myself, I Love Myself

Audition Moods – I Hate Myself, I Love Myself

Your audition begins the moment you wake up, not when you step into the audition room.

Don’t lie. There are things that you hate about yourself and things that you love about yourself.

Depending on your mood, on any given day, can be what makes it or breaks it when you have an audition. How you feel about yourself on audition day is secret code for how you’ll actually do IN the room.

Let me know if any of this sounds familiar:


Do you have something you hate about yourself…

  •  That you can overcome?

– Do you hate that extra 20 lbs you packed on over the winter? Well, do something about it! Change your diet, get to the gym. You need to look like your headshot.

  •  That is physical?

– Does your height bother you? Do you have a limp? Are you losing your hair? You need to OWN who you are. It’s what makes you YOU. Often times a CD and Director don’t even know what physical type they are looking for until they see it.

  •  That makes others hate you?

– Do you complain? Do you talk negative about others? Are you a pessimist? These are very unattractive qualities, if you can even call them qualities. You shouldn’t go on an audition thinking, “I’m so wrong for the part. Why am I even going?” Obviously, you’re going because someone thought you could bring something to the table. Even if you don’t get a callback or the part, who cares? Move forward! Don’t dwell — that just wastes your time. And be nice to everyone — not because you never know who knows who — but because we’re all human.

  •  That makes you feel guilty?

– Did you think about giving up your subway seat to the old lady with a cane, but didn’t do it? Did you have an altercation with a family member and storm out the door without resolve? Guilt can affect your audition! Give up that seat, even if your plan was to memorize your lines on the train. Keep your mouth shut in the morning if a family member irks you. Audition day is a big day, so do everything in your power to feel good about yourself.

Which do you think the CD / Director would prefer to audition?
Which do you think the CD / Director would prefer to audition? Leave blue moods at home.


Do you have something special about yourself…

  •  That is rare?

– Skills.

Can you speak fluent in three + languages? Are you a master at the pogo stick? Can you play multiple instruments? You get the picture.

Any skill that astonishes people is something to mention in the audition room when you’re asked to tell a little bit about yourself. It should be something you’re excited about; that gives you that twinkle in your eye. It should make the Casting Director’s heart race just to hear you talk about it.

  •  That people compliment you on?

– People notice personality as well as physical appearance. It’s how we are built. Do you have the greyest, most deep of eyes? Do you walk into a room and people smile, even if you’re not smiling? What do you have that draws people to you? Figure it out and work it!

  •  That makes you feel good?

– What’s the one thing you can think about that gets your mind rolling? For some people, it’s not even a thing — it’s a feeling or a person or an animal. Or just the fact you have an audition makes you super excited.

  •  That you wish others had?

– Tricky. Sometimes it’s hard to talk to others if they don’t “get” it. Everyone has different ways of perceiving things. You’ve heard of the glass half-full vs. glass half-empty. If you’re a half-full person and the CD is a half-empty person, there’s going to be a clash. How can you make the CD see the world as YOU see it? Or perhaps you have to be a chameleon and understand the world as they see it.

  •  That gives you confidence?

– You know you got this. Did you see John Travolta’s strut in Staying Alive? That’s what I’m talking about, man!

So now you have lots to think about. Everyone has their moods, but in the audition room, your job is to show the CD / Director who you are, and also show them that you’re the character. Focus on that. Go get ’em, tiger!

P.S. One of the things I hate about myself is that sometimes I use too many clichés! But guess what? I don’t care. I’m confident that you’re reading this and getting something out of it! (smirk)

Be yourself AND the character in the audition room.
Be yourself AND the character in the audition room.

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