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“Making it” without the Fame and Fortune

Nowadays it seems we live in a fame-obsessed world. So often I hear people exclaim, “Wow, he’s really made it!” after learning of a job that will offer fame and fortune in return. While these jobs are, of course, something to be proud of, there are numerous other ways to feel like you are accomplishing something big without being in the spotlight. And let’s face it, the chances of “making it big” are often slim. So, take a look at these behind the scenes professions that also offer a sense of satisfaction and pride.

1. If you are qualified, teach your given craft. Offer private lessons, group classes, or any other way of sharing your talent with those wanting to learn. You will meet new and exciting students- the future generation of singers and actors.  Many will find there is no greater reward than seeing their students excel and succeed.

2. Take a stab and directing or music directing. Many directors start off as actors or musicians, and transition to a new career path combining their artistic skills and a multitude of other logistics. If you enjoy taking on a leadership role, this is a great path for you.

3. Do you know a lot about being onstage and off? Consider becoming a stage manager. This role requires an extremely organized person, and one who is knowledgeable about many different aspects of the theatre. You must work well under pressure, but the satisfaction of knowing you are keeping an entire production together is something to be proud of.

4. Love shopping at Sephora? A makeup artist might be your calling. Of course, this profession requires more than just a love for makeup. Working as a makeup artist in the theatre requires exactly what the title states, being an artist. Formal training is often required, and a good portfolio is a must.

5. Have a background in fashion? Head over to the costume department. This is a great way to be able to work with most the “team”, and another way to share your creative visions.

6. If your strength and training is in dance, offer your talents as a choreographer. This role is essential to the theatre. Choreographers can bring life into a production, a very rewarding outcome.

7. Enjoy the technical side of theatre? Consider becoming a lighting or sound designer. These roles are often under-looked and under-appreciated, but you can’t have a good production with being able to see or hear it. Becoming a lighting or sound designer can take a good bit of technical training, either in school or from another lead designer.

8. If you have a passion for theatre and business, the role of a talent agent could be a great option for you. These professionals behind the actors and singers must be business-minded, great communicators, and understand the industry. Agents assist in booking auditions, jobs, and other opportunities for their talent.

These are just a handful of other essential professions in the theatre industry. Without these roles, there would be no productions. So just remember, fame isn’t always about being famous. There are many other ways to share your talents behind the scenes. It’s about finding your own personal satisfaction and pride in whatever path you may follow.

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