Regarding Henry – Adult Male – Dramatic

“The bullet hasn’t moved.” from the film “Regarding Henry.”  When calculating attorney Henry Turner receives a bullet in the head during a robbery, he loses all memory and identity. When he recovers, he is child-like, if not simple-minded, but he has lost his mean-spiritedness and becomes a more compassionate being. Ideal for Adult Males in their 50s. 1 Min.

Written By: Jeffrey Abrams


The bullet hasn’t moved. I wish we could get at it … but if we’re a little lucky, it’ll never move and he’ll be fine. (looks through charts) His brainwaves and reflexes look great. For a guy that’s just come out of a three month coma he’s in better shape than I am. (A long beat. sighs) Sarah, the truth is, it’s going to be a long rehabilitation. It could take six months … it could take six years. We’re starting from scratch here. Henry doesn’t remember how to speak, or how to move, or anything. His memories are still in there, I mean one day everything might come back, but there are no guarantees. (a beat) There’s nothing more we can do here. I’ve spoken to a clinic in Bedford that I’ve done some work with. We can get Henry in there immediately. (a beat) Sarah, I just want to make sure you’re prepared. Henry might not remember you, or your daughter, or anyone. Ever.


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