“Seussical The Musical” – Kid/Teen Male – Comedic

“With a Cat such as me” from “Seussical: The Musical.” The Cat in the Hat talks to the boy. Comedic Monologue for Kid/Teen Male. 1 Min.

Written by: Lynn Aherns and Stephen Flaherty

CAT: (can be spoken or used as a song) I can see that you’ve got quite a mind for your age! Why, one think and you dragged me right onto the stage! Now, I’m here, there is no telling what may ensue…. With a Cat such as me and a Thinker like you! Oh the things you can think! Oh the things you can think if you’re willing try… Thinking invisible ink! Or a Gink with a stink! Or a stair in the sky If you open your mind, oh, the things you will find, lining up to get loose… Oh, the things you can think when you think about Seuss!

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