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The Big Break Theory – Part 5 of 5

Talent Manager Henry Ravelo Reveals the Origin of Opportunity

Grab hold of your acting chops and get ready to travel to the ultimate break through dimension. In parts 1-4 of this story (link), Henry shared his theory on being unique, prepared, magnetic and current. But all that jazz may only get you so far…

Key Element #5 to the Big Break Theory = TALENT MANAGEMENT

It has been my experience that having a manager has been invaluable to having an actor work, Henry shares.

Like this came up the other day… when you are a singer and you go to an open call you are only allowed 8 to 16 bars. But when you are represented, you get to sing your whole song. Some people don’t know that. And guess what? If they like you they may ask you to sing another song and they may even give you one or two new songs to learn that afternoon and come back.

None of this stuff is easy, Henry admits. All your training is going to come into question and there is no time to freak out at an audition. This is time to deliver. Little things like that can throw you and the audition is a bad time to find out because you can only make a first impression once.

So how does Henry help the talent he represents? It depends on the individual. They are not processed like a factory. Each individual has their own needs. I look for the person. I focus on the career. Whether you have had three TV shows or are just hoping to watch TV… if I’m taking you on, you have the potential to achieve that which you say you want.

Henry enjoys molding people. I always look for the human being, that’s what I represent, Henry says. An agent just gets you work, that’s their job, but a manager can develop and groom you. I look for the obstacles that I need to fix. It could be your attitude, that you don’t know something, your presentation. In other words the business and the rest of the country need to know you the way your best friend who has known you all your life does.

I’m not saying that we know everything about Hugh Jackman, but we like him, Henry shares as an example. What we are exposed to we like. We are exposed to his humanity his kindness all this stuff and even if his characters are dark and unappealing at time we like him and his characters take us on an adventure.

Wondering how to become a part of Henry’s adventure? He looks for new talent in order to not be extinct in the industry, but does it as often as needed because if someone is new they need a lot of work, Henry says. If you are Brad Pitt I’ll sign you right away. If you are a seasoned actor and recognizable, I will see you right away. For the newer actors I see them when I need them. If breakdowns come in and I keep thinking I wish I had that actor’… I will look for them.

If you are looking for that big break, Henry believes it helps to have a manager, a magnetic personality, relevance, experience, and uniqueness. But, the main thing is… instead of looking for opportunity, an agent, or a manager… work on being good and market that wisely, Henry says. If you build it they will come because luck favors the prepared mind.

– Thanks for preparing your mind by reading The Big Break Theory series! For more information on Henry Ravelo visit RAM Talent ( Henry offers private coaching, targeted classes, and a Meisner technique class is on the horizon.

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