Why Actors Should Make Their Own Content

Why Actors Should Make Their Own Content

A lot is being asked of actors these days. Due to the pandemic, most auditions are self-taped, meaning actors are required to film themselves rather than attend in-person auditions. At first glance, this could seem convenient for actors – and maybe it is for some – but it can also be a laborious and tedious chore. As a result, however, this trend is teaching actors to be filmmakers at a time when self-produced content is on the rise. And that’s a good thing.

For aspiring actors, it can be difficult finding advice that helps advance their careers. The entertainment industry is full of half-hearted pointers, like, “don’t be afraid of failure” and “be authentic.” But what does that really mean? How does that help, actually? How can actors get noticed in the first place?

So, let’s talk about some of the actionable advice out there, like, “make your own content.” This advice is constructive, and there’s logic to back it.

Here’s why:

You obtain practice and build a reel

Like athletes, actors need regular practice. But unlike athletes, actors need reels. So, what better way to practice your craft than by creating your own content and building your reel all at once?

You can show people what you’re about and get noticed

People want to know who you are, they just don’t know it yet. By making your own content, you can promote your own brand, letting audiences and talent reps know who you are and why they should care. Think of it as an opportunity to get yourself out there and tell the stories you want to tell – maybe it’s your own story.

Your content could be turned into a real movie or series

Hollywood executives are actively searching for the next project to develop. These days, it’s not uncommon for an actor or comedian to be asked if they can turn their self-made videos into actual movies or TV shows. If you’re trying to get your big break as an actor, you might as well try to get some creative control along with it.

Talent reps want actors who can do it all

When talent reps consider signing a new actor as a client, they want to see that the actor is capable and ambitious. To be more specific, they generally look for a resourceful actor with the ability to attract an audience, and who possesses a versatile range of talents. Basically, what they really want is a client they can feel confident sending out on auditions. So, if you can demonstrate that you’re capable of being noticed without their help, they will want to sign you more than ever.

With social media and the internet enabling the mass distribution of video content, actors are presented with opportunities to promote themselves in ways that weren’t possible twenty years ago. A lot of actors know this and are making the most of it. For an aspiring actor, there are no guarantees, and following this advice may or may not do anything for you. But, out of all the advice for actors floating around out there, this is worth a try.

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