Your DirectSubmit Account Dashboard

Here is a quick explanation of the elements of your Talent Dashboard. You can also use the My Account link in the header of the website to access these same pages.

DirectSubmit Talent Dashboard1. Your Page: – This shows your vanity link that you can choose on your profile page. You can use this link anywhere you like to reference your resume page.

2. Casting Messages – This is your inbox for messages from the Casting Directors of projects that you have submitted to, and also from messages sent to you from your resume directly.

3. Resume Views – This is a metric on how many times your headshot & resume has been viewed.

4. Favorited – This is a metric for how many times casting director have ‘favorited’ you from their casting dashboards. This saves your resume on a page of favorite talent that they have quick access to.

5. Your Resume – View – Click this link to view your resume. Always check it over when you have added new content.

6. Your Resume Send – Send lets you email your resume to anyone.

7. Your Resume Submission History – Submission history shows you a list of all projects that you have previously submitted yourself to. This pages also lets you edit your cover notes to those projects.

8. Latest Projects (By State) – This shows you the lattes projects in your area. The State is pulled from your profile page. This is to give you quick inside on what’s casting in your local area.

9. Your Role Alerts – Shows you the roles alerts that you have set up that match your criteria.

10. Profile, Photos, Credits, Skills (Special Skills, Training, & Bio), Video & Audio – These pages edit the content of your resume.

 11. Your Account is Active / Inactive – Shows you the status of your account.

12. Edit Account – Lets you edit the billing preferences of your account. You can change billing info, plans, and cancel the account.

13. Help – This page points you to the right pages for common questions you may have.


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