FREAKY FRIDAY – Teen Female – Comedic

“She has a boyfriend and you’re weird” from the film “Freaky Friday” – Anna Coleman flips out on Mr Bates. Comedic Monologue For Teen Female Actor. 1 Min.

Written by Heather Hatch & Leslie Dixon

ANNA COLEMAN: “Mr. Bates, may I please speak with you? By what stretch of the imagination . . . I mean, like, how could I, like, get an “F”? I mean, what mistakes did I make? That was a college-level analysis.

In a matter of fact I most certainly am qualified of making that point. “As in Hamlet, ‘what’s done is done'”? That’s “Macbeth,” you know-nothing twit. Bates. Elton Bates. Griffith High School.

Well, you asked me, I mean, my mom to the prom, but she turned you down. And now you’re taking it out on her daughter, aren’t you? Aren’t you?! Oh come on, it was high school dance. I mean, you’ve got to let go and move on, man. And if you don’t, I’m ! sure the school board would love to hear about your pathetic vendetta against an innocent student. Oh, and by the way Elton, she had a boyfriend, and you were weird.”

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