Marcus Zane. Photo by Russell Baer.

The CW’s Riverdale Actor Marcus Zane on Relocating For Work

The CW’s Riverdale Actor Marcus Zane balances life between his hometown of Vancouver, Canada and Los Angeles, CA.

It’s not easy just picking up, sometimes at a moment’s notice, to move to a different country. Yet for actors, this is part of the business.

Oftentimes the actor will crash on a friend’s sofa, and other times, the production will put them in a hotel. If the series is picked up for several seasons, actors have been known to rent or purchase homes close to work. No matter where you end up, it’s imperative that you do not let the move affect your performance.

Keep an eye out for Marcus Zane in 2020 for his supporting lead role opposite Adam Brody in the feature film, THE KID DETECTIVE! He plays the role of a gothic teenager named “Jace”.

Let’s see what stage of relocating Marcus Zane is at and how he feels about moving away from family.

You’re currently 19 years old and have been in show business for a good few years now. What inspired you to become an actor? What did your family say when you told them about your career choice?

Movies were a big deal in my house. My family has always watched movies together. I would dream of being able to be in a movie from a young age. My mom got me into acting classes when I was younger and she has always been supportive of my dream. When I told my mom that this is what I wanted to do she would say, “You have the rest of your life to go to school or pursue a different career but go after your dream now while you are young and see what happens”. If things don’t work out, I will go to university for sure.

You used to be billed under your full name, Marcus Zane Carvalho but you dropped the Carvalho. Why?

I was billed under Carvalho at the beginning but dropped it. I like the way Marcus Zane (my middle name) sounds instead. I was born in Portugal but my mom and I left when I was five months old. My dad’s last name is Carvalho.

Marcus Zane and Ron Livingston in Loudermilk

Marcus Zane and Ron Livingston behind the scenes in Loudermilk.

Tell us about your vocal coach. Do you have any other coaches?

I do train with a singing coach to be able to carry a tune when required. Depending on the audition, I will work with specific coaches to try to learn as much as I can about a role. I really enjoy learning new things. That is the only coach I have right now.

You have a recurring role on Riverdale and a film coming out in 2020 with Adam Brody (of The O.C. fame). Tell us about your auditions for both of these roles.

Louie” is my reoccurring role on Riverdale. When I auditioned for it, I was cast very fast. About two weeks passed after the audition and I thought I didn’t get it and then my agent called and gave me the good news. I did not have any call backs with this one. For Kid Detective I did a tape that went to Toronto and heard nothing for a couple months. I had two call backs and then luckily landed the role. It was very exciting.

You’re from Canada and have been travelling to the USA for work. Who pays for your travel fare and hotel for these jobs?

Yes, I am from Canada and do travel to L.A. for work. It depends on who you are auditioning for regarding who pays for the travel and hotel. Sometimes myself, other times the person requesting my audition.

Oftentimes we see actors from Canada “making the move” to LA or NY. Have you considered relocating? If yes, to where? Is it scary knowing you’ll be away from family? Who will pay your bills?

It is my dream to move to L.A. and I think everyone has their own apprehensions about a big move. The flight between Vancouver and L.A. is not very long so that is a good thing too. My family and I are close so distance will never be a problem. I intend on supporting myself.

Do you have a skin care, food diet and/or workout routine?

I always go to my aunt’s skin care clinic “Lift Skin Health” in Maple Ridge, Canada for treatments. I think a skin care routine is important and should be maintained through your entire life. I go to the gym and do different work outs and try to train as often as possible. I do weights and I box.

Marcus Zane

Marcus Zane and his sense of humor when we asked for a goofy pic! Exclusive to NYCastings.

Have you been recognized walking down the street?

I have been recognized in Maple Ridge, Canada where I am from and I am very flattered and really appreciate it when people recognize and approach me. It’s very flattering. It does not happen a lot but when it does, it feels good.

Do you have a significant other? Everyone wants to know!

I do not have a girlfriend now because this is a crucial time for me to really be working on my career.

Having been born into a world where the Internet was already a thing, how important do you think social media is to the acting world today? Why?

Social media is very important for actors. You can influence people in very negative or positive ways. You have a responsibility to always keep this in mind before posting anything. I’m not the type of person who will post a picture several times a day but think it’s important to open yourself up to a degree. Regarding casting… the number of followers you have can land the role for you as well.

What are your pet peeves?

My pet peeves? I don’t like people who interrupt people when others are talking. Let them finish their thoughts before voicing your own.

What type of acting roles would you like to perform in the future?

I am open to any roles right now as long as they are right for me and I am the best person for the role. Give me something well written and I am ready to take it on!

Marcus Zane Photo by Russell Baer

Marcus Zane. Photo by Russell Baer.

How do you memorize your lines?

I do not use any apps to memorize my lines. I go through the script by myself first to understand the character in depth, then I run it through with my coaches to get feedback. I personally use the Meisner Acting Technique.

What advice do you have for young performers who are starting out in the business?

My advice to young performers is to keep working hard. Get out there and take classes and audition seriously and give it all you can.

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