Youthful Stardom: Pros & Cons

Youthful stardom can be a dream come true for some, but it also comes with its own set of challenges. From the outside looking in, it may seem glamorous and thrilling to be a celebrity at a young age, yet there are both advantages and disadvantages to consider. Celebrities who are young often make headlines for their talent, fashion statements and personal relationships.

Viewers eat that “stuff” up — what I call tabloid fodder (no, not the “fodder” that is cattle feed, more the gossip type of fodder). Why does the world care who Taylor Swift is going out with, or who that song You Oughta Know by Alanis Morissette is about?

I must confess, I’m one of the people that reads and enjoys tabloid fodder, but I also think there’s more to a person than the above reasons for stardom. We’ll get into the Pros and Cons and youthful stardom in a moment; I want to preface the ups and downs first.

What is Considered “Talent”?

Talent is an elusive concept that can mean something slightly different to every person. Yet, it is often associated with show business, as our culture has long celebrated the successes of kids in this field. Talent has taken on a heightened significance when it comes to these child stars, as they must be able to handle complex roles and difficult tasks that are far beyond their age.

For young children, talent takes on a unique form depending on the genre in which they’re performing. For actors, it may mean being able to memorize lines quickly or convey emotion through facial expressions. On the other hand, singers must have a strong voice and musicians may need precise finger dexterity for their instruments.

So What’s the Difference Between “Talent” and “Hard Work”?

Kids in show business can be a tricky topic. While some may argue that success in this field is solely due to talent, there is more than meets the eye. The truth of the matter is that both hard work and talent are needed for one to succeed in this industry.

Talent alone won’t guarantee success when it comes to kids in show business. Most child actors have had some formal acting training, which involves hours of practice and dedication – something that simply cannot be replaced by natural talent alone. For example, young star Millie Bobby Brown from Netflix’s Stranger Things has achieved great heights of success despite being relatively new to the industry because she worked hard on perfecting her craft.

NYCastings-JoJo-Siwa-Girl-with-Big-BowsStardom from Fashion Statements

It can happen. It has happened. JoJo Siwa is a prime example. She’s a self-made star who is known for wearing big bows in her hair. And recently when she chopped off her locks, it made headline news. Other than her fashion line, which appears to continue to do well, I really don’t know what else JoJo does that’s made her such a popular star. I will say, however, that I admire her as a businesswomanShe found a hole in the fashion world and ran with it. I don’t think talent had anything to do with her stardom; I believe it was her business sense. This is what I’m talking about — on the outside, it appears it’s all about fashion, going to red carpet events and parties, but in reality, JoJo has a business mind on her shoulders.

Becoming Famous from Personal Relationships

Well, this is an easy one. Think of the Kardashian clan. They are socialites. Nothing more needed to get my point across.

Youthful Stardom: Pros & Cons

While some people may be quick to applaud the rise of youthful stardom, there are several pros and cons associated with putting children in show business.

On one hand, having a successful career in entertainment at an early age can provide financial security that many youngsters would not otherwise have access to. It also gives them an opportunity to pursue their dreams and gain confidence from being on stage or in front of the camera. Additionally, these young stars often make appearances at charity events or use their platform for good causes like raising awareness about important issues.

On the other hand, there are drawbacks involved as well. Being famous at such a tender age opens children up to public criticism and teasing from peers which can adversely affect their self-esteem. There’s also privacy and safety issues to consider.

NYCastings-Child-Actors-Child-Musicians-Talent-or-Hard-WorkPursuing Dreams – the Good Comes with Caution

Pursuing dreams is something that many children aspire to do. For those kids in show business, the journey can be a long and difficult one. It takes dedication, hard work and passion to make it in this industry. Whether it’s music, stage, television or movies that they are striving for, there are many things that young actors need to consider before taking the plunge into show business.

Parents must be supportive of their child’s dreams and decisions throughout the process. They should also research local talent agencies and attend auditions with their child so they can guide them through the process. Additionally, parents must ensure that their child gets sufficient rest while pursuing a career in show business since this demanding lifestyle can take its toll on young people both physically and mentally. Aspiring entertainers should also make sure to have fun during their journey!

Public Criticism, Teasing and Expectations

The realities of show business can be a harsh one for kids in the spotlight. With their lives open to public criticism and teasing, these young stars must navigate through a world with little privacy and high expectations.

Being exposed to such scrutiny at an early age can have lasting effects. Critics argue that the lack of childhood innocence and constant judgment from external sources can lead to mental health issues as children grow into adulthood. Corey Feldman, who began his career at the age of three and is now an adult in his early 50s, spoke about the abuse he and his co-workers were subject to.

Those in favor of having kids as part of entertainment argue that it is important for them to gain exposure and experience in a safe environment, while also helping support their families financially.

No matter what side of the debate you’re on, there’s no denying the immense pressure put on these kids to deliver satisfactory results while also protecting themselves from unwanted public criticism and teasing.

Pros and Cons to Consider

It’s important to consider the potential pitfalls of putting children into an industry that is often unpredictable and highly competitive.

The potential positives of having kids in show business include things like financial security (as discussed above), steady employment and access to unique opportunities. A child star may also have the chance to travel extensively and meet new people throughout their career. However, there are significant risks involved with this line of work as well; such as intense pressure from agents or managers, potential exploitation or harassment by adults in positions of power within the industry and even exploitative contracts which could drastically affect a child’s future career prospects.

The bottom line is that you and your child should make informed decisions when it comes to a show business life. As a parent or guardian, don’t let the possibility of stardom, fame and fortune get in the way of the child’s health and well being. Weigh the Pros and Cons carefully.

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