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How important is my social media really?

Social media has been a big part of our society for a few generations now, and while many people use it, it’s also quite polarizing. Some people find social media to be a fun way to connect to others, while others find it annoying! But no matter how you feel about social media, any serious actor should have a presence. Here are some of the reasons that social media is an important tool for any working actor!

Networking Becomes Easier

Instagram is this generation’s business card. Befriending people on social media achieves so many things at once. If you only exchange phone numbers with someone, they may forget who you are after a gap in communication; if you exchange social media, you will get occasional updates from each other, serving as a reminder that you exist. It also allows them to look at old posts or click on links to your work, giving a deeper understanding of who you are. Besides, being able to send DMs on the same platform achieves everything a phone number would. We’re lucky to have this tool for beefed-up networking, and we should all take advantage of it! 

It’s a Quick Representation of Who You Are

If a director, producer or anyone else hears about you and isn’t sure who you are, they will naturally take to the internet to find information. This could include IMDb (See the IMDb Pro casting partnership with DirectSubmit / NYCastings), Instagram, or any other platform you may have a presence on. If your content is up-to-date and portrays you in a positive light, then you’re on the right track to make a good impression! You can also include links to your best work, which further promotes you as a professional. If someone wants more information about you, make it available! You don’t want them to hit a dead end and just move on to the next person. 

Online Reach Could Make You Marketable

Producers aren’t just looking for a great actor. They’re also looking to build an audience. Getting their project in front of as many eyeballs as possible is crucial to making money. Therefore, actors with a social media following might be more appealing to productions! In an industry where there are, realistically, many people who are talented enough to capably handle any given role, you need any edge you can get. In many casting notices, you will even see directors, producers and casting directors looking specifically for talent with large social media followings!

Build Your Portfolio

If you’re out here hustling all the time, that should be documented! Your profile could contain your best combination of headshots, behind-the-scenes shots, and short acting clips. In a way, it’s like an additional, more accessible actor’s reel. So approach it the same way you’d approach your reel! Update it often and show your best self. 

Build Your Brand

You want to be an actor. That means you want to get brought on and handed a script, sure, but it also means you’d like to be a major creative collaborator. Actors are also the face of a project, so they’re used for marketing. Think about it – people are often motivated to watch new shows or movies by the people in the cast. The image of a project is intertwined with the image of the main cast. Think about what kind of projects would you like to be associated with, and why; they’re probably thinking about what kind of actors they’d like to be associated with, too. So, what kind of person are you? What’s your vibe? Your personality or experience could be a big factor in what you get considered for. 

Be An Influencer

In the era we’re living in, social media influence is a powerful tool that can be wielded in multiple ways. Some talent agencies, which can be found in our agents directory, represent social media influencers specifically; this means that being an influencer could help you get representation! Your following could also be used to earn you paid sponsorships as an easy side income, or it could help you launch fundraising campaigns for projects. Not everybody wants to be a social media influencer, but it’s hard to ignore the benefits: the more of a following you have, the more doors that will be opened for you. 


Don’t panic if you aren’t a huge social media fan. You don’t need to love social media as part of your personal life in order to keep a steady and professional presence. Just imagine you’re a stranger viewing your profile, and ask yourself how you feel about this person. They don’t need to post every day, but they should have some indication that they’re an actor, and they should seem pleasant! Remember, there’s a lot of competition out there, and you need all the advantages you can get!

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