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Look the Part, Feel the Part, Get the Part

Actors need to look the part and feel the part in order to get the part. They have to audition for roles, and the competition can be stiff. To get the part, they need to impress the casting director, director and sometimes even the producer.

Casting directors are looking for someone who is right for the role and who will fit in with the rest of the cast. They also want someone who is professional and easy to work with.

To prepare for an audition, actors should research the character they are trying out for. They should also practice their lines and blocking. At the audition, they should be confident and take direction well.


As an actor, you are constantly being judged on your appearance. You are expected to look a certain way in order to be considered for certain roles. This can be incredibly frustrating, especially if you don’t fit the “typical” look for your type of role.

While it may seem shallow, the reality is that audiences want to see someone on screen who looks like they could believably play the part. If an actor doesn’t look the part, it can be distracting and take away from the performance.

So while it may not be fair, actors have to look the part if they want to be successful in the entertainment field. It’s just a sad reality of the business.

The right look can help an actor land a role, and the wrong look can prevent an actor from even being considered for a part. There are a couple of things that go into whether or not an actor looks the part.

First, of course, is appearance. An actor who closely resembles the character they are trying to portray is more likely to be cast in the role than one who does not. This is why many actors have drastic changes to their appearance for different roles — they want to make sure they look as close to the character as possible.

Second is mannerisms. Even if an actor does not physically resemble the character they are auditioning for, they may be able to get the role by nailing the mannerisms of that character.

Austin Butler as Elvis

Austin Butler as Elvis

A great example of this is seeing how many actors have portrayed Elvis Presley (or portrayed an Elvis impersonator) over the years. They include Kurt Russell, Val Kilmer, Michael St. Gerard, Jeff Yagher and Jonathan Rhys Meyers, just to name a few. Check out the trailer for Baz Luhrmann’s ELVIS starring Austin Butler (Elvis) and Tom Hanks (Tom Parker). Even Lisa Marie Presley herself praised Austin Butler’s performance.

Other examples include Tom Cruise as Maverick in Top Gun and Tobey Maguire as Spiderman. Sometimes, an actor may not look exactly like the character, but they have the ability to transform their appearance through makeup and costume. This can be seen in Johnny Depp’s portrayal of Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.


When an actor is performing, they are not just saying words on a page — they are becoming someone else. In order to truly become the character they are playing, they have to access their own emotions and experiences to inform the performance. This is why actors often say that they have to “feel the part.” When an actor can access their emotions and use them in service of the character, it results in a more honest and believable performance. Additionally, feeling the part allows actors to connect with the audience on a deeper level. We as viewers can sense when an actor is truly invested in their performance, and it makes for a more engrossing experience.

Let’s take a look at the Joker from Batman. This is a character where actors have to feel the part. They have to tap into their dark side and bring out their inner chaos. Here are some actors who have done just that…

Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight

Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight

Heath Ledger is one of the most iconic Jokers of all time. His performance in The Dark Knight was absolutely chilling. Ledger completely transformed himself for the role. He lost a ton of weight, studied psychopaths, and stayed in character even when the cameras weren’t rolling.

Jared Leto in Suicide Squad

Jared Leto in Suicide Squad

Jared Leto also gave a memorable performance as the Joker in Suicide Squad. Leto went method for the role, which means he stayed in character even when he wasn’t on set. He reportedly sent his co-stars creepy gifts, like used condoms and dead animals.


When it comes to winning the role, actors have to do more than simply audition. They must be dedicated to the craft and work hard to improve their skills. They must also be able to stand out from the crowd and show that they are the best person for the part. Here are some tips on how actors can get the part.

First, actors need to make sure they are well-prepared for their audition. This means memorizing lines, understanding the character, and having a clear idea of what they want to do with the role. Second, they need to give a strong performance that captures the attention of those in the room. Third, they need to be able to sell themselves and convince the casting directors that they are right for the part.

By following these tips, actors can increase their chances of getting the part.

When it comes to actors who didn’t get the part, there are a few that stand out. For example, Vince Vaughn originally auditioned for the role of Joey Tribbiani on Friends, but the role eventually went to Matthew LeBlanc. Another well-known actor who missed out on a role was Will Smith. He was originally cast as Neo in The Matrix, but the role ultimately went to Keanu Reeves. While it’s hard to say for certain why these actors didn’t get the parts they auditioned for, it’s clear that sometimes things just don’t work out.

The process of how actors get the part is very important to the industry. It is a long and difficult process that requires a lot of dedication and hard work. However, it is also a very rewarding experience.

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