“School Of Rock” – Male 20s and 30s – Dramedy

“What? Why would they laugh at you?” from the movie “School of Rock.” Dewey consoles Lori after she’s made fun of. Ideal for Adult Males in their 20s and 30s. 1-2 Mins. 

Written By: Mike White


What? Why would they laugh at you? (Dewey is stricken with sympathy for this insecure girl.) Lori – hey – you’ve got something everybody wants – talent – and it’s way more important than looks. You heard of Aretha Franklin, right? (Lori nods) She’s no beauty, but when she starts singing, she blows people’s minds. They all want to party with Aretha. You heard of Mama Cass? (Lori shakes her head) She weighed three hundred pounds. But when she was on stage, doing her thing, people worshipped her. She was sexy, man.

She choked on a ham sandwich. But the important thing is – you don’t have to look some certain way. You’re a rock star now. You’ve just gotta rock your heart out and they’ll dig you. I swear. So let’s go back in there and show ‘em, what we got. What do you say?


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