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Talent Agencies for Kids

Your child wants to be a performer. You go to the mall and pay big bucks for glamour shots, perhaps even hair and make-up for the photos. Then you hear ads on the radio how your child can be Disney’s ...
Chloe Perrin in Itsy Bitsy

Some of the creepiest, scariest movies have child actors in them. i.e. Poltergeist (Heather O’Rourke, Oliver Robins), The Exorcist (Linda Blair), Pet Sematary ( Blaze Berdahl / Jeté Laurence) … and oh, we can’t forget Danny Lloyd, Lisa & Louise Burns ...
Photography by: 
Demarest Photography 

Makeup by: 
Christine Hazelhurst 

People recognize Disney’s child actor Ava Kolker from shows such as Girl Meets World and most recently Sydney To The Max. You may remember her from Scary Movie 5 and Insidious: The Last Key as well as lots of other big ...
The Passage

Child actor Saniyya Sidney has a heavy message to deliver. Working non-stop, she still has time to share her thoughts on how Hollywood can be more diverse so roles are more inclusive. You’ll recognize Saniyya from the Oscar nominated films ...