Ask Siri – Your Voice Over Questions!

We all know her as the infamous voice behind Apple’s directions, weather forecasts, and restaurant tips; the all-knowing assistant who answers our most challenging and mundane questions. Yet the actual female force behind Apple’s Siri – Susan Bennett – didn’t know that her recordings would become iconic until 2011 when Apple released the iPhone 4S and a friend recognized her sound and pointed it out to her.

Fast forward to 2014…

Susan Bennett continues to dominate the voice over field. She greets passengers at Delta gates worldwide, helps people discover Better Ingredients in pizza, and makes the Mission Possible. Susan’s power of speech captivates millions in so many ways, and today she’s sharing her wealth of knowledge with NYCastings.

In this exclusive NYCastings video, we Ask Siri:

Q: How did you get started? Commercials and jingles.
Q: Do you still have to audition? Oh yes, we all still have to.
Q: How did becoming ‘Siri’ impacted Susan’s career – Goodbye anonymity!
Q: On the state of VO work today – All these celebrities are doing voice over, so it’s a tough industry now, but there are a lot of advantages too.
Q: How can aspiring VO artists get started? With simple, easy equipment that plugs into your phone and has studio sound.
Q: How can YOU get tons of auditions – Practice!
Q: Should new VO talent join the Union? I believe in what the Union stands for. But…
Q: How to train a voice – Advice from classes to food choices to how to, protect it.
Q: Different types of VO work – Commercial, Animation, Narration, Medical – there are a lot of opportunities out there.
Q: What type of VO work pays the best? Union always pays better.”
Q: Inspirational advice for VO artists – It’s a really fun industry!”
Q: Advice for conquering fear at auditions – Build confidence.

For all of Susan’s in-depth replies to these questions and more, listen to SIRI’ now…

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